Equine Sessions - Frequently Asked Questions

I have two horses - is that twice the price?

Equine packages with a session time of one hour or more include two horses (same owner) and two people. The time allocated for the session is divided between them and I can try to get some shots with all of you together. A 20 minute Mini Session does not allow enough time for more than one horse to relax enough for good shots, hence the need for at least an hour long package if you have two horses or more.

Additional subjects (same owner / immediate family only) can be added for €30 each. This covers the additional editing. I advise you bring someone capable to help you hold each horse horse if planning to shoot multiple horses.

My horse gets very nervous - will you still be able to photograph her?

I will always do as much as possible to make every horse feel relaxed and happy during a session. I am happy to use lots of rewards and breaks. Having said that, please do let me know in advance if you have any concerns about how your horse may react. Often it just takes some time and patience to make the horse feel safe and build the trust. Do bring your horse's favourite treats which can help to get the horse into a suitable position for a photograph.

I have more that one horse - can you photograph them together?

If you have more than one horse at a session, I will try to capture them together in one image. How successful this is can depend on the particular horses. I will likely have to shoot this photograph outdoors to have sufficient space for multiple horses.  If the horses are not happy to stand close together I can try my best to put them together when editing later.

Can I be in the photo too?

Yes, I am happy for you and your close family and friends to be in the photo alongside your horse. Additional charges apply for each extra subject.

How should I prepare for my session?

Clean, well presented horses usually make the best models

Read the preparation guide here

What should I bring for my horse?

I recommend you bring whatever you would bring if you were going to trot up at an international horse trials, enter the show ring at the RDS or the parade ring at a racecourse - plus plenty of extra high value treats!

  • Clean, well fitting bridle with reins that can be removed easily
  • Clean, well fitting leather headcollar
  • High value treats (not messy ones though!)
  • Grooming kit including clear hoof varnish and fly spray

I keep some grooming kit, tack and equipment that can be borrowed, however for bio-security reasons I recommend you use your own grooming kit where possible.

Do I need to bring anything for myself?

Particularly if you are planning an outdoor session it is worth making sure you come prepared. I suggest the following:

  • Good pair of walking boots/wellies than you don't mind getting mucky and wet
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather - rain gear / sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking water and snacks for yourself if you think you may need them
  • if you plan to be in the photos please read the Preparation Guide for outfit suggestions.

Can I take the bridle off my horse?

For safety reasons, it is normally required that a horse wears either a bridle or headcollar for control. Annaharvey Farm is a busy stable yard and working farm with lots of horses, people and other animals moving about.

However, I do have a special photography halter that can be used for some shots to get a more natural look. It is designed to be easier to edit out than a normal headcollar while still providing control. It is designed to be strong enough to lunge a horse on a small circle with it.

I normally start with the horse's own bridle or leather headcollar for safety and then once the horse has relaxed swap to the photo halter.

My horse doesn't stand still - can you still photograph him?

Yes, of course. I use a Canon camera built for speed which is capable of shooting up to 20 frames per second! I only need some patience and a split second to get a good shot. I have years of experience shooting galloping horses so am very familiar with shooting moving animals.

Having said that, I would recommend you spend some time in advance training him to stand still. A cooperative horse will allow for a greater number of high quality images. For example tying him up while grooming and tacking up and insisting he stands in the one place can help.

If you have a very high energy horse do give him some exercise before you arrive for the session so he will settle quicker - just avoid wearing him out completely, and try not to sweat him up. Outdoor sessions with natural light may be more suitable for some horses.

A miniature foal cantering across a grass field
A miniature horse with foal in a field of grass
A dun Connemara foal

Can I post my images on social media?

Yes, please do! I would love you to share your digital images with your friends. Credit is preferred but not required. If you would like to credit, please tag Aisling Deverell Photography on Facebook or @aislingdphotos on Instagraom.

How do I pay for a session?

Online payment is preferred, however there are numerous options available to choose from. A non-refundable retainer is required on booking to secure your date and time. The balance is paid the day before the session. For your convenience my booking system will send you an email with the details and a payment link so you can process it easily on your phone.

Can I order prints of my images?

Yes, I do some printing on site with a Canon Pro Printer using Chromalife 100+ ink. These prints can last over 200 years in a photo album and about 40 years on display behind glass.

I also work with both Irish and international professional printing laboratories to offer prints and wall art in many different sizes and on a variety of materials.

You can place your print order through your private online gallery.

Can I get the unedited images?

No. I do not release the unedited images as they are not a true reflection of my work. For example, the RAW images that come straight out of the camera are often intentionally underexposed in order to capture the details in the highlights - especially when photographing grey horses. The images will look very different once edited! I hate to have to deny a client's request so would appreciate if you do not ask for the unedited images.

Do you travel to other locations?

Sessions at other locations are often possible by arrangement. Please contact me to discuss what you have in mind.

Where is Annaharvey Farm located?

The map below shows the exact location about 5km outside Tullamore on the R420 towards Geashill & Portarlington. The Eircode is R35 A0Y5.

Please note it is a busy Equestrian Centre so there are lots of horses, ponies on site with straw and hay throughout. Please contact me in advance if you have concerns relating to allergies to animal hair, grasses or dust etc.

Is there an additional fee for travel to other locations?

Sessions at other locations are often possible by arrangement. If you would like to arrange a day for your riding club or for group at your stable yard, please do get in touch.

Travel fees apply where the location is over 50km from Annaharvey Farm. This will be discussed with you prior to booking if applicable.

Annaharvey Farm, Tullamore