The Photography Session Experience

A monochrome photo of a racehorse in parade ring
A pet portrait of a border collie with a green background
A monochrome photo of a horse's head with black bridle

All About The Experience

Step 1 - Booking

Decide which session would suit you best and book your session. It's a quick and easy process to arrange a time that suits - simply email me at or call or WhatApp 085 843 86 28. You can also find me on Facebook Messenger and Instagram at @aislingdphotos .

Step 2 - Preparation

Prepare for your session - as little or as much as you like! I recommend you read the Preparation Guide and feel free to contact me again if you have any questions. I will send you a questionnaire to help me get to know more about you and your pet or horse ahead of the session. This helps me to get you the best images possible.

Step 3 - The Session

This is where the magic happens! I try to keep the sessions as relaxed as possible so there is no need to stress or worry about how your pet or horse might behave. I can be flexible if necessary to deal with any issues that arise to ensure we get shots that captures their personality. As we all know, animals can be so quick to pick up on an owner's anxiety so do relax and enjoy the session!

After the session I will load your images onto my computer and select the best images. I will carry out a preliminary edit on a selection of the best images, however due to the time it takes to retouch an image fully, I will perform most editing and retouching after you have selected your favourite images. I will do my best to prepare your images as soon as possible but ask that you allow 2-4 weeks especially during busier times.

Step 4 - The Image Viewing & Wall Art Ordering Appointment

Once I have selected the best images, I will contact you to arrange a time that suits for your image viewing. Normally the viewing will take place at Annaharvey Farm in a dedicated room where you can also see and touch some samples of the most popular wall art products. For those that live some distance away it is also possible to arrange an online viewing.

At the viewing, you can choose your favourites according to your chosen package. You are welcome to add any extras, I can explain the various options available - wall art, extra images or any creative digital art edits etc. You can even send me photos of your own wall and I can show you how various sizes and combinations of wall art will look on that wall!

I'll then go away again and complete any final edits and retouching and arrange professional printing and framing as appropriate. I will do my best to deliver as soon as possible but ask that you allow 6 - 8 weeks as production and delivery from professional printing laboratories can take some time.

Step 5 - Your Digital Images and Wall Art is ready

I will contact you when your digital images are ready for you to download and again later when your wall art is ready for collection. If you prefer your wall art to be delivered by courier / post that can be arranged also. You can now spend the many years enjoying your favourite piece of art - Happy Days !


“Aisling is a wonderful person and truly a professional in her field. She was instantly able to put myself and Lucy (my horse) at ease and capture some captivating photographs. The process was fun and enjoyable, we had some laughs while also getting some fabulous photos (the odd funny one as well). I will be back as I have another horse and a dog that definitely need a camera on them 😊. I simply cannot recommend her enough!
Danielle O'Sullivan”

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